Original Layer Cake / Plain

Lady Ann original 'layer cake' is proudly made from carefully selected finest local and imported ingredients solely to satisfy your taste buds. Layer Cake, otherwise, known as Kue Lapis, Kueh Lapis, or Lapis Legit is as special delicacy from Indonesia. Baked for as long as 3 hours layer by layer. Our all time best seller !!

Prunes Layer Cake

Infused with three (3) layers of mouth watering Sun Sweet prunes, It stay well on our second best seller!!

Cheese Layer Cake

For cheese lovers. As rich as it can be. A mixture of sweet and rich cheesy flavor !!

Pandan Layer Cake

Lady Ann special Indonesian style, Pandan Layer Cake is the one to go if you wanna try the real Indonesian flavors

Chocolate Layer Cake

Alternate layers of rich chocolate and butter - for chocolate cravers

Honeycombe cake

Coconut Tapioca Cake, moist and yummy, with minimum sugar. A real treat for soft dealers.

About Us

Lady Ann Layers are premium Layer Cakes Delivery service that 100% do delivery based on orders received through hotels, or emails, therefore guarantee the freshness of the cakes. Its pure Bake to order !!

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There's only one universal hotline to connect everyone, i.e. +62 778 7055868